Saturday, October 22, 2005

We Are Not Normal, Here: A Pre-Thanksgiving Sermon

Take a gander at this and then reflect on how unusual you are, when most people on the planet:

1. Can't read or write.
2. Reside in dangerous, crime-infested areas.
3. Have no access to uncensored media (and no, we're not talking about Fox News, or Faux News, as they say).
4. Don't have jobs and live on no more than $2 per day.
5. Live in corrupt countries where civil rights are curtailed (hey wait a minute, that sounds familiar...)
6. Barely get the minimum caloric intake (that's food) to survive.
7. Have no access to electricity or phone service of any kind.
8. Have little or no health care, resulting in high infant mortality and childbirth deaths.

The article points out that our assumptions that what we have is normal or should be, when applied outside the western industrialized world, lead to dangerous (unintended) consequences when we treat other countries as slightly less efficient and free versions of our own. Given the Imperial Nation's lack of sophistication in foreign policy these days, Chaos has little hope that the U.S. will stop trying to impose American "values" on the rest of the world, and do we really want everyone worldwide to emulate our SUVs, strip centers, tract housing developments and insatiable appetite for natural resources?


Cavalor Epthith said...

Americans are beautiful, industrious, yet spoiled and arrogant children and you make the point of their blessings vice those quotidian hardships of one living in Kandahar, Darfur, or Inner Mongolia quite well.
I revel in the union of Hell and Chaos in the very interesting political times to come

Cavalor Epthith, Esq.
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
"Hell's leading daily newspaper!"

Chaos said...

It is apparent to Chaos that a fellow barrister who resides among the writhing demons of the underworld accumulates an accomplished elegance in turning a phrase...a penetrating description of Americans, well said. Undeniable that Hell and Chaos will consort in greater degrees as the tectonic plates reach maximum velocity and entropy envelops the developed world.