Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Low Culture Discovers Peak Oil

October 2005 issue of Esquire contains a short feature (pay site, but it's the presence of the article, not its content, that's significant...) on peak oil, coming firmly down on the side of the Hubbert/Deffeyes/Simmons crowd. If the concept has trickled down to this frivolous, vulgar magazine, Chaos believes it may be approaching critical mass in the U.S. One small problem: this is a complex issue and can't accurately be reduced to sound bites, so the doomsday aspects are likely to prevail, leading to either (1) hysteria, a la avian flu, or (2) dismissal of the concept as crazy. Chaos had great faith in the ability of the American public to live in denial of the obvious...oh, and here's another one from a real estate agent(!) who's obviously read Simmons.

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