Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Reason #25 Why the US Can't Win in Iraq; Imperial Nation Yawns

The proposition that the US approves of/stands for/will reserve the right to/cannot be constrained from torturing anyone and everyone on the planet is not exactly news, but the latest development lends clarity to the issue. The US Senate, perhaps a weak beacon of light in the declining days of the Empire, and in response to brave and foolish Captain Ian Fishback, has decided that enough is enough. Led by John McCain, a bill setting clear limits on our Imperial Storm Troopers to torture/abuse/make uncomfortable captives wherever we may find them was passed 90-9 (the dissenters were unsurprisingly from red states only, including John Cornyn of Texas--go Lone Star State!). Although nobody thinks this would actually fly in the House, the Boy King's minions were quick to threaten a veto from the guy who has never vetoed a bill in his life (does he even know how? can he be taught?). Aside from a few editorials, the collective response from a somnolent, apathetic public was...nothing. Been there, done that, Chaos guesses. Internet-savvy Iraqis have additional reasons to foam with rage at their occupiers. Chaos predicts an embarrassing, tail-between-the-legs-retreat in 2006 or so, a great bow to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

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