Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Death of a Theme Park?

Hurricane Wilma caused devastation lately to the loathsome tourist theme park of Cancun/Playa del Carmen, including washing away most of the beaches. No doubt the palatial hotels will be easily duplicated, given Mexico's anxiety over its cash cow (President Fox, a lame duck since his inauguration, promised to rebuild within two months, in time for the high season, because it's all about the money, after all) but Chaos wonders whether the once pristine white beaches, clearly why the computer originally chose the place, are so easily replaced. If the beaches disappear for good or become degraded, will the theme park burst its geographic boundaries and become another Las Vegas or will it die? (It probably doesn't matter, since most Americans visit only to consume vast quantities of cheap alcohol, parboil themselves in grotesque bathing suits and pretend they are participants in a Girls Gone Wild video.)


Anonymous said...

Sehr gut!
Looks as if you're gaining some popularity there Master Chaos. Reading your last post makes me feel guilty for not even finishing Guns, Germs and Steel. Ah well, Alyssa has expressed her regrets at not being able to see you over the weekend. Toodles!
-Grandson de Chaos

Chaos said...

It may be the ideas that have become popular of late, not so much Chaos, being misanthropically inclined.