Friday, January 27, 2006

Peak Oil Around the World

"Exporting oil is an act of treason"-- Heitor Manoel Pereira, president of AEPET in Brazil, January 06, 2006.
Uh-oh. Does that sound anything like “you need us more than we need you” that we heard from Iran last week?

Back to the topic at hand, first we stop over at one of the most respected news organizations on the planet (if you thought it was Faux News, you have come to the wrong place, sorry), the BBC. Blazing across the front of their website is…wait for it…peak oil! A darned fine little synopsis; one could do worse to start an education on cheap energy with this.

Next we have a ray of hope from Sweden. The cantankerous and unconventional residents of this “social democracy” have decided to reduce their dependency on oil by 2020 to…almost nothing. Figure on one of the Scandanavian countries to show the most awareness of the greatest challenge to mankind ever. These are the kind of ambitions and conversations that citizens of responsible nations need to be having to survive in this very interesting of times.

By the way, Chaos has a theory of how peak oil will play out, and here it is: the most prepared, least oil-dependent nations, regions within nations, and communities will be the most successful; conversely, the most oil-addicted, most in denial, least prepared nations, regions and communities will suffer the most when the long decline begins. Guess which country is most vulnerable? If you said the United States of America, you really have come to the right place and have been paying attention. If you said “what?” you need to do some reading (Chaos realizes it’s not a popular or modern practice, but nevertheless…).

Finally, and to bring it back home, here's a blazingly funny editorial on just how bad it is over at "The General," #1 maker of Imperial Nation's SUVs. Sad to say, the Great American General is now a shadow of its former self; market capitalization is less than Harley-Davidson's, and it is sinking fast. A true example of entropy, along with good old 'merican stupidity and resistance to change.

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