Thursday, February 02, 2006

Best Take on Imperial Speech

From poster Twilight at The Oil Drum, commenting on the Emperor’s speech on energy and its subsequent retraction by Imperial officials:

     “The things that are said by these people mean nothing.  Their commitments mean nothing.  There is no truth, only spin.  Facts and propaganda are indistinguishable to them.  Their strength is that people listen to what they say and attempt to ascribe meaning to it where none exists, and expect them to behave according to traditional conventions - but that means nothing to them.  Merely by hearing them you are at a disadvantage.
     But we as a society are so used to the constant barrage of lies called advertising, that we don't expect anything more - we're not alarmed by it at all.  When you combine this with the lack of education and curiosity of the public, you get situations like this - where the POTUS can stand before the nation and say something preposterous, and then the next day his staff can retract it, and no one will care.
Do not listen, watch the actions instead.”
In this instance, Chaos has nothing to add…

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Anonymous said...

At least he acknowledged the addiction though. If he's acknowledging it then it means the public will only become more aware as time passes. Granted it may already be too late and all that but still, it's better than nothing. I remember a quote from Chaos himself: "The difference between nothing and something, is always greater than the difference between something and something else."