Monday, January 02, 2006

Let's Start the New Year Out Right; Clear Thinking About Iraq

Happy New Year!

Despite Chaos' contention that Hurricane Katrina was the event of the year, so to speak, the situation in Iraq occupied much of the Evil Empire's attention in 2005. From across the pond comes this analysis that effectively summarizes the state of the debacle for Britain and the US:

"Reliable reporting from Iraq is now so dangerous that the level of insecurity can only be gleaned from circumstantial evidence. Baghdad outside the American green zone is all "red zone', off limits to any but the most reckless foreigner. The death rate and the number of explosions are rising. While some rural areas are relatively safe there is no such thing as national security. Iraq's borders are porous. Crime is uncontrolled. The concept of an "occupying power" is near meaningless.

The Americans cannot even protect the lawyers at Saddam's trial, two of which have been killed. Iraqis are meeting violent death in greater numbers probably than at any time since the Shi'ite massacres of 1991. Professionals are being driven into exile, children are kidnapped, women are forced indoors or shot for being improperly dressed. Those Britons who preen themselves for "bringing democracy to Iraq" would not dare visit the place. They have brought three elections, but elections without security do not equal democracy."

Don't you just love the way educated Brits write? At any rate, seems that 2006 will be the year that a victory is declared and a general withdrawal starts. Not nearly soon enough, in Chaos' opinion.

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