Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where We Are Today: What's In and What's Out

In: real numbers/statistics (ShadowStats)
Out: fake/massaged government statistics

In: frugality
Out: flaunting wealth, conspicuous consumption

In: cooking at home
Out: eating out

In: small cars/hybrids/used cars
Out: new vehicles/Hummers/SUVs, giant trucks

In: gardening
Out: the 3000 mile Caesar salad

In: organic fruits and vegetables
Out: hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup

In: recyclable utensils
Out: plastic

In: self-sufficiency
Out: depending on government or the "free" market to solve anything

In: farmer's markets
Out: shopping malls, strip centers

In: peacekeeping (wait, what is that? lack of war, at least)
Out: wars

In: cash
Out: houses, boats, jetskis, money parked anywhere else (especially 401k's)

In: safety
Out: gambling/risk (yes, we mean the stock market, the bond market, the real estate market, and any other market)

In: Jon Stewart
Out: Jim Cramer, CNBC

In: aluminum water bottles, tap water
Out: plastic water bottles, bottled water

In: saving
Out: spending

In: mud huts, tent cities
Out: tract house suburban "developments"

In: we suck slightly less than others
Out: American exceptionalism

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