Thursday, February 19, 2009

Think It's Tough All Over? Think Again...

The quote of the day/week/month/year, or whatever, comes to us from the sane and sober nation of Sweden, whose industry minister, who goes by the most wonderful name of Maud Olofsson, in response to the giant bankrupt automaker GM's threat to shut down its Swedish subsidiary, Saab, unless the Swedes fork over massive government aid, as the so-called leaders (who, needless to say, are not worthy of the name) of the Empire of Sorrows have given, without question or mutter of protest (ok, they muttered, but they did it anyway). Here it is:

"When I see that Saab has been running at a loss for so many years it would be irresponsible for me to stand here and say, sure, we are going to use the taxpayers' money in this way. I don't think I was elected to do that." (emphasis Chaos')

A most refreshing take on the let's-throw-money-we-don't-have-at-companies-who-are-insolvent-and-have-no-way-of-returning-to-profitability situation, and Chaos will direct your attention to the fact that, once again, national and regional differences matter. They matter a great deal, and probably more so in times of global economic collapse. The entire idea that elected government officials are charged with acting in the public interest has gradually faded away in the Empire, so that this quote hits one with the force of a firehose.

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