Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Unflinching Gaze: Automatic Earth

Chaos rarely finds new sites compelling enough to recommend wholeheartedly to readers, but the brilliance and unvarnished truth of this one begs attention. If you are able to stomach the frightening implications of the usual subjects of this blog, you should be getting your daily dose of economic reality (along with Mish, of course) from The Automatic Earth. Written by two Canadian contributors to The Oil Drum, the analysis is unique, chilling, and insightful. Economics having temporarily eclipsed Peak Oil, it is and will be on most everyone's mind, at least those who are paying attention. (Chaos could remark on the cognitive dissonance of immersion in the vast business as usual local economy, which is still building homes and developing commercial properties at an astounding rate, but this is perhaps the subject of another post...)

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