Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Economy Post: The Mother Of All Garage Sales

Chaos urges you, in this new financial reality in which the world has stepped, to refrain from needless purchases of tangible goods, save for those directly related to vital needs. The reason is that, over the next few years, the destruction of money (deflation) will relentlessly depress prices of many assets (think houses, vehicles, rvs, motorcraft of every kind, and much more) to the point that those with cash will be able to avail themselves of some very cheap bargains. Chaos has very little knowledge of economics and finance (that has been amply shown in the past few much chagrin), but this is a no-brainer.


KELSO'S NUTS said...

CHAOS: I'm curious.

What led you to visit us at THE DAILY PITCHFORK?

Did you like it?

No one can figure out why we get so few comments. We're certainly the most open and radical of the well known sites, but people who work at corporations and politicians and banks LOVE us.

People who share our worldview can't stand us. We have tremendous traffic but zip-ola for comments. 80% of them are amongst ourselves discussing the issues which interest us.

I've discussed this with The Boss a number of times. I've tried even reaching out to Wingnut blogs to get a good argument going but no dice.

So, every now and then I do a little marketing inventory and ask intelligent bloggers who visit what they think. So, I can get some kind of handle of the odd bifurcation going on. The Boss absolutely positively doesn't want anyone to change anything about their topics, their styles their likes or dislikes. He was very careful about putting the thing together.

From my occasional informal surveys, I've gotten a number of opinions about why people don't engage us on the threads

* They're offended by the content
* They're intimidated by the writers
* They think it's a devil-worshipping site and it offends their faith
* We make people feel dumb
* We're too harsh in our criticism of people and things that piss us off
* We're too anti-American
* We're too "elitist"
* They don't understand the words or the terminology
* The business, economics and finance stuff is boring
* People want to feel like they have some expertise on our subject matter but our research is too detailed to let people write comments and think that their comments matter
* We're too pro-business
* We're "socialists"
* We're "stupid"

With the caveat that absolutely nothing's going to change in the way we present our material, SPEAK HUMAN!

Free Music said...

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Chaos said...

chaos can only remark that the latest postings from Hell's denizens are unreachable, as the ridiculous browser chaos uses crashes when the site is attempted to be accessed. Moreover, Chaos is more than aware of the phenomenon of the 'non-posting' reader...even loved sentient beings cannot bring themselves to respond, for reasons of their own, timidity, or the like.