Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To The People Of Costa Rica, Regarding CAFTA

Chaos is aware that your country has been struggling with a dilemma, specifically, whether or not to become the last signatory of the Central American "Free" Trade Agreement. Chaos, in vast admiration for the national character, values and good judgment of the people of Costa Rica, would nonetheless humbly offer the following advice:
Reject this agreement. There is no mystery as to its consequences, no matter how rosy the promises being made to you. The purpose of this agreement is to enrich the few at the expense of the many ("few" refers in this context to multinational corporations). Even better, for the price of a plane ticket or the few clicks of a mouse, you can see the future of your country under this odious treaty in the country of Mexico today. Ever wanted to be forced to leave your homeland and illegally cross the US border to find work? This agreement will ensure it. Care to give up your family farm and move to the city, there to reside in a vast shantytown, and eke out a living performing degrading labor in a sweatshop factory, or beg on the streets for subsistence? Vote yes on CAFTA. We have a saying in Estados Unidos de Tejas, where Chaos currently and temporarily resides: "you got to dance with what them that brung ya." Costa Rica, what brought you to this dance was your strong history of real democracy, your rejection of militaristic jingoism, your commitment to education, and your ecological awareness. Cede not your sovereignty in these things in exchange for false promises of economic benefit. Perhaps other parties to this agreement think they will gain economic development, but they are not you. Look around the world today and try to find examples of the shining promises of benefits to all that proponents of this scabrous document would have you swallow without question. Chaos begs you to read the scandalous history of free trade imposed on the Second and Third World, and recall the murderous behavior of the US multinationals (United Fruit, ITT, and many others) in Latin America. Proponents of this fraud are counting on you to forget the lessons of the past. Do not permit this. It is no accident that the US has made this a priority. Think well upon these things and do whatever it takes to resist.

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