Monday, March 31, 2008

Read This Book! Really!

Readers may have noticed that Chaos rarely recommends books anymore. Somewhat depressingly, there are apparently few works being produced that significantly advance those mentioned in the Edge's bibliography, and anyway, Chaos is well aware that book reading is becoming more rare with each passing day. However (knew this was coming, didn't you?) Chaos has recently completed a surpassingly profound piece that begs to be read, for those wishing to understand the developments in globalization, the CIA's role in developing torture techniques, the war in Iraq, the 2004 tsunami, and other disasters. The book is The Shock Doctrine, by Naomi Klein, and Chaos cannot recommend it more. If reading a book is too much, there is also a short film here, but Chaos cannot recommend it, since the simplification to film robs the relatively complex metaphor which forms the core of the book of most of its power.

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