Sunday, October 01, 2006

Charity Begins At Home

Yes, yes, Chaos is now asking for another 55+ minutes of your life. (Incidentally, the books recommended on this site are likely to completely change how you look at the world, but you knew that, didn't you?) The subject at hand is Theocracy in the Empire, which has been mentioned in passing previously, but now there's a video. For those who dislike reading (Chaos understands that that covers quite a lot of the population these days) here's a fine perspective--courtesy of British TV, of course--on a training school for aspiring theocrats. Patrick Henry College, though only 6 years old, is debt-free and is quite open about its ambitions: to mold the next generation of politically-minded home-schooled fundies. Although its only the first day of October, Chaos doubts that the month will produce scarier goblins than the ones depicted. Still sure you want to make the Empire your permanent home?

And, completely off-topic, on the always thoughtful and readable Tomdispatch, Nick Turse examines the Pentagon's debut on MySpace...for recruiting purposes, of course.

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