Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Print and Take Home Summary

After excellent writers publish such stuff as this, Chaos wonders what purpose would be served in continuing to post: one can't hope to do much better than this flyer, meant to be printed and handed out. Those who continue to adopt the "ostrich" approach might finally allow something meaningful to seep into their empty heads (or perhaps not; those heads are invariably filled with magical thinking, which, to Chaos' current formulation, means that reality-based subjects are crowded out, and wilful ignorance is the order of the day), and those who believe that 'surely something can be done' will assuage their consciences. To repeat Chaos' position, it is the lack of character of the public at large that will prevent meaningful action to mitigate the looming environmental and economic catastrophes discussed in detail here. ("We are a wicked people who deserve to be punished"--James Howard Kunstler). Here at the Edge, nevertheless, we admire those who tilt at windmills.

Reference: Plan B 2.0, Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute.
Here's an expanded work on the problems and some solutions (which will never be implemented, but still..) You can actually read this online, although the site will nag you for a donation. Recommended.

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