Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Empire Becomes the Glass House

The US State Department issued its annual report on human rights around the world, specifically excoriating China for its "poor" record, noting instances of "harassment, detention, and imprisonment" of those opposing the government. Also noted were torture, physical abuse leading to deaths of detainees, forced labor, coercive birth policies, trafficking in women and children, restrictions on free speech, assembly, religion, and severe government corruption. This is hardly a new phenomenon; in fact, it pretty much occurs every year. This year, however, the defensive response of China and other governments criticized has particular resonance. "No country should exclude itself from the international human rights development process or view itself as the incarnation of human rights that can reign over other countries and give orders to the others" said Premier Wen Jiabao's cabinet. Other countries responses were in accord. Particular mention was given to the Empire's tendency towards torture (Abu Ghraib), indisciminate killing of civilians during military operations, and of course, the famous legal "black hole," Guantanamo. The dribbling away of the US's international standing in human rights is the natural effect of the rulers here who thought that the ends justified the means. It seems that the Empire's actions, once again, have come back to haunt it.


Lord Just Mandier said...

I applaud Chaos in its titanic efforts to expose the Empire for what it is. The difficulty that you face in America is too many people have too much to care. This is sad for when things do go wrong and there is merely less not a state of their being NONE, the weakened children will rush to the markets becoming hoarders.

When things get bad there Chaos Americans will hoard gasoline in their homes and the news will report explosions daily from fumes contacting electrical outlets. This time will come when gasoline inches toward $ 4 per gallon. This will happen in the next eighteen of your months.

As the head of Hell's intelligence gathering organ I am privy to documents and analyses thatg place the American economy in crisis, no matter what political party is in power by the winter of 2010.

The problem will not be shortages, it will be corporatre leaders and their inability to turn off their greed.

Lord Just Mandier
Directat Javeth Nathux

Chaos said...

Chaos is in agreement that entropy will increase dramatically in the coming four years or so...the Empire will succumb to many hazards, only a few of which are apparent at this very moment.