Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Xmas Rant This Year...

As longtime readers know, Chaos usually presents at least one seasonal rant. Not this year; Chaos believes (now) that people change only when they have to, and this holiday season is proof of that. Look for less sales, profits, and generally retail activity, just because (and this is so simple and yet so true, one needs to recite it at least a few times a week) people who don't have jobs are not inclined to buy stuff. So, it seems a little unfair to get upset at those few who do have a few bucks, since they are merely repeating the same forms that served them so well in past years. Who knew that the entire way of doing most things changed completely a year and a half or so ago, and that it will affect the way everyone lives for quite some time, if not forever? Well. At this time, Chaos (now changed from the callow person who began this blog over four years ago, see the blogroll) merely wishes good times and fellowship to those readers who still remain. Try and put aside earthly concerns, for just a few moments, and revel in the pleasure of being aware and present at this particular moment.


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daniel said...

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Chaos said...

You spamming assholes have inspired Chaos to enable comment moderation...thanks a lot!