Monday, December 22, 2008

The Predatory US Culture

This article in today's paper of record is an excellent snapshot of the overentitled, delusional, financially illiterate and bankrupt US public, preyed upon for years by institutions that have grown ever more corrupt and carnivorous, with the silent acquiescence of its victims. From the unemployed gent who drifts off into a "fantasy" where in his "real" life, he's a millionaire (wonder where he got that one?), to the woman who ran up tens of thousands in student loans for a bogus "medical assistant" career (which now offers the commanding salary of $7.50/ hour) to the inevitable health problems postponed or ignored because of no insurance coverage, to the available jobs consisting of telephone collections of medical bills, this is an outstanding example of the descent of the country to Third World Nation status, mostly because of its own profligacy.

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