Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Reason To Be A Doomer

Chaos has become somewhat fatalistic of late, having come to the end of a rather long and dramatic journey of discovery and revelation. It serves little purpose, to Chaos' mind, to continue to repeat the same tired stories that recur daily or weekly concerning peak oil, global heating, resource and habitat depletion, and the like, when the chronicling itself has become a measurement of how deeply most sentient beings remain in denial of the truly catastrophic issues facing the human population of the planet. Chaos has frequently observed, to minimal effect, that the seminal issue of all these issues is overpopulation, which is one of many subjects which are unable to be rationally discussed in the intellectual wasteland that is contemporary western society. To read one commentator's reasons why not, see this very fine piece by Kurt Cobb of The Energy Bulletin.

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