Monday, November 05, 2007

Government Mendacity: Beyond The Age of Petroleum

Nice article in The Nation, by Michael Klare, an early and often proponent of oil geopolitics. He helpfully lays it all out for those who are a little new to the subject, with an emphasis on military/political turbulence sure to occur with more and more frequency in the coming years, when access to black gold becomes harder and harder (exporting nations who realize the value of their resources are inclined to hoard, when not providing ever-increasing amounts of subsidized oil for their own populations, turbocharging the decline rate...). Also delves into a little bit of "government-speak," describing how changing the definitions helps keep the sheep from learning the truth--that we are about to begin a most interesting time, when cheap energy is no more, and a new way of life will be forced upon most of the world. Cheers.

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