Thursday, September 13, 2007

Health Care Update

Well, several months after the truth leaked out about the US healthcare system, in the form of the most excellent film Sicko, have the American people risen up to demand universal, affordable healthcare? They have not, of course, and the dysfunctional system continues to roll on, and roll over its victims (sorry, the people who are forced to use it). Here are the latest figures on the carnage: cost of employer-sponsored health insurance premiums rose 6.1% this year, lower than the actual costs of medical care, reflecting a cutting back of benefits (in other words, less care for the same money...). Average total cost of health insurance premiums for family of four: $12,106. Health insurance costs have risen 78% since 2001. Oh, and the number of uninsured increased by 2 million people. For more, check out this article, while reflecting upon how long one would wish to gamble that health insurance will continue to be available at any price, and if used, will actually cover what ails you...

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