Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Impeachment Issue

Not that Chaos believes that these are any more than examples of hopeful liberal masturbation, but nonetheless, reading them can give one a sense that the "meme" of impeachment of the ridiculous puppet George W. Bush and his evil puppetmaster, Richard Cheney, has reached a critical mass. The first is a transcript of interviewer Bill Moyers and two rather credentialed commentators on why impeachment of these rulers is completely necessary and vital to those who will succeed them. If you've never looked into the issue before, some of the implications are mildly interesting. The second is a riff by one of Chaos' recent favorites, David Michael Green. You have to hand it to the man; he makes impeachment seem like a walk in the park, which it most assuredly would not be, and once again, Chaos has to note that these examples are simply not going to happen. As thought experiments, however, they're excellent.

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