Saturday, May 26, 2007

It Really Is the Health Care, Stupid

Ok, not really, and of course this has been covered before here on the Edge, but just to show faithful readers that Chaos is not just blowing smoke, here comes a seemingly objective and unbiased look at the American healthcare system, compared to five other Western nations. It should surprise no one by now that, among Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Canada , and New Zealand, the US ranks last or next to last in all categories evaluated save one subcategory (the categories were quality care, access, efficiency, equity and healthy lives). Of course, the US leads all nations in per capita expenditures in healthcare, so apparently spending money on the problem isn't working. Note: the link contains both the executive summary, which should be enough for the casual reader, and a pdf link to the entire report. The report was mentioned in today's New York Times, in the form of a guest columnist editorial. Chaos' own editorial spin on this is that the US public gets the healthcare it deserves, i.e., since there are many fine examples of alternative (and better) ways to address the issue, it isn't lack of knowledge, but lack of caring or will, if you will, which prevents the people of the nation from demanding better options.

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