Friday, December 01, 2006

No, George Bush Will Not Be Indicted

Usually, Tomdispatch is one of the clearest, most erudite voices on the Net on Iraq-related subjects, and highly recommended. (Chaos in particular prefers Tom's own pieces to most of the guests'...) So it is doubly saddening to find that the site this week has succumbed to the worst kind of liberal masturbatory fantasies, in the form of excerpts from former federal prosecutor Elizabeth De La Vega's book, United States v. George Bush, et al. Apparently, this is the author's educated imaginings about how to indict the Emperor and some of his underlings for the lies and deliberate deceptions which led the stupid people of the Empire to rally behind the Iraq "war." (Many of them, unbelievably, still firmly insist that the events of 9/11 are connected to that most wretched of states, Iraq, like this). Even worse are Tom's admonitions to purchase the book for friends and enemies alike, and circulate it as much as possible. Chaos notices that liberals tend not to want to notice that the nation is made up largely of "dolts, asses, and blockheads" who are incapable even if they were inclined to understand anything about the Empire and world events. No, no, much better to believe that "if only they were shown the truth" they would rise up and overthrow their evil masters. Instead of wasting time with such drivel, Chaos suggests you read some or all of Joe Bageant's essays, particularly those dealing with the nature of the great unwashed. Having been one, the man knows whereof he speaks.

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