Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bob Herbert Gets It Wrong

Here again, the New York Times columnist in all his naivete, painful for those who know better, subscribing to the inevitable, essential liberal delusion that the American public is ohsogood, just misguided or fooled by those clever rightwingers, Faux News, or the mainstream media.

In discussing the latest outrage, i.e., the elimination of habeas corpus by the Imperial Legislature, and by way of the 'extraordinary rendition' of Maher Arar, the poor unfortunate Canadian citizen sent to Syria to be tortured (for a year!) by American officials (acting upon the Canadian Mounties' entirely untrue information) Herbert writes, "I can't believe Americans think this is all right." (Full column here.)

Newsflash for Bob: yes, it is 'all right' for a good chunk of the public; the remainder just doesn't give a damn or thinks its just fine. To quote Joe Bageant: "[they have] the meanest kind of white man ignorance, or smug middle class obliviousness, the kind that could care less if all the babies in Iraq were fried on spits in the Green Zone of Baghdad, so long as their nails get done on Saturdays."

Reflect on that, floundering delusional liberals, and despair.

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