Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Theocracy Watch; God Bless Texas!

Theocrats win in Kansas, lose in Pennsylvania...Chaos has always been struck by the deviousness of so-called "christians," who apparently believe, among other things, that the ends justify the means. This is glaringly so when abortion opponents bomb clinics or murder physicians, but also when it comes to foisting their (objectively unChristian) viewpoints on others. The current "debate" on intelligent design is an another example: the proposition that this mumbo-jumbo is science and should be presented alongside evolution is merely a subterfuge and a way to get the nose of the camel into the tent. Chaos wonders why any belief system worth its salt needs to resort to such mendacity to spread its message. Do Buddhists or Hindus rely on trickery or lies to get followers?

Meanwhile, Texas continues its' enthusiastic spiral down into ignorance, bigotry, and theocracy, aided in part by rabid applause from the World Capitol of Ignorance. What really rankles is the statement from Glen Maxey, gay former legislator: "this issue is clouded by people's religious views (Duh! you think?)...I don't think Texans are overwhelmingly hateful kinds of folks and I think eventually they will come around." Liberals just can't believe that people choose to be moronic, homophobic and vile. No no no, they're just misinformed, misled, have their judgment clouded, relied on incorrect numbers, had the wool pulled over their eyes by Republicans or some other ridiculous excuse. Sorry, Glen, this wasn't even close.

Drawing upon trends in immigration, education and demographics, Chaos makes the following prediction for the state of the State in 20 years or so: the children of Mexican immigrants inundate the already overcrowded public schools, at least for awhile, until they are forced out by high stakes testing of the Every Child Kicked in the Butt (oh sorry, No Child Left Behind) Law. Non-immigrant (or wealthy Anglo, if you will) schoolchildren enjoy the teaching of creationism in their homes or private "christian" schools, devoid of testing of any kind, while the brain drain caused by the No Gays Allowed In This State referendum reduces the state collective IQ to dull normal or borderline retarded levels.

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Cavalor Epthith said...

Well, Ser Chaos, at least there is one town in Pennsylvania that is free from the evil yoke of Pat Robertson.
Now how many other communities need liberating?

Cavalor Epthith